Thursday, June 5, 2008

Emily's checklist . . . .

Pre-school {DONE}

Kindergarten {DONE}

1st Grade {DONE}

2nd Grade {DONE}

I'm so proud of my Emily. School is not easy for her. I can remember back to the first month of school when she would go to school with her stomach all in knots and come home from school with her stomach in knots cause it was hard for her. But what I love about her is, she never gave up. She never complained and she just worked as hard as she could to do her very best. She has come a long way and I think she is an amazing person!!

This is Emily with her teacher Miss Jazwin. She was a great teacher for Emily { patient , kind, understanding and helped Emily so much.} One night after the blessing on the food Emily started to cry. I asked what was wrong and she said "I'm really going to miss Miss Jazwin."

Here are some of Emily's friends. I ate lunch with Emily the day before school was out. One of her friend called me over to her and said "I really like Emily, she is always so nice to me."

{Oscar is on the right. He has a crush on Emily.}

Miss Jazwin had all the kids write 2 things about each person in the class. Here is what they said about her:

You are * pretty and kind *cute and cheerful *a very honest person *cool,fun and respectful * sweet and so nice * funny and cool to hang out with * always nice to everyone * a good friend * a good sport * honest and nice

You have *pretty hair * beautiful eyes * a nice smile * a cheerful voice

You rock and you are really cute!

. . . . . only 10 more years til graduation!!!

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The V-Rod's said...

Emily, You are going to get far in life if you keep working hard. I was once just like you. You can even ask grandma but I never gave up. Even though I had to work harder then all the other students, I still knew that one day I would be all the things I wanted to be. I could also do all the things that I wanted to do. Look at me today I am a teacher at your school. If I can do you, you totally can do it. You rock Emers. I love you. Aunt Kat