Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Jackson Family Reunion . . . .

Let's just go now! {This post by MARC}
Ok, but it's 11 o'clock at night.
Ok, let's go.
(we camped under the stars outside Flagstaff that night/morning... whatever it was/is... it's early.)

Breakfast at Denny's in Page.

Have to stop in Kanab for an ice-cream
Quick photo shoot outside Glen Canyon Dam
Cant' go on a road trip in this family without the hand made propellers. Perfectly UN-balanced, makes for an exciting adventure at 80 mph. The game is to see who's hand goes numb first.

Sleeping at the Peterson's condo in Salt Lake City. Thanks M.G. & Christy. We love the place.

Yes, we also take pictures on Sunday.
Just relaxing outside the Brigham Young memorial park.

"Go Fish"Lunch with Nana at Costco to while getting supplies

That's right! We even got rowdie up at the cabin.

Playing in the Museum


Yay! It's the Fourth of July!!!

Breakfast at the park! Food, fun and a good band. What more can you ask for? Maybe more pancakes.
Everyone Loves a Parade!

Me with my girls

Brad and Grandma Dorothy

Koleen / sister Susanna/sister-in-law Jeanette/hot wife

Party back at the house. Thanks Grandma Dorothy for the bubbles!!

Park City!!! Prepare yourself, The Jacksons are in town!
Chloe,Gwyn,Emily,Maddi,Paige and Elyse
Hey! We found the Jensen's!

That Chloe is a crazy driver...
Cousins gotta luv Gwyn,Chloe and Elyse
Emily loved the 'cuzi.
Brace yourself for this... you might feel a little pressure.
Tell us a story!

Beauty shop night -- Maybe just a little more eye shadow over here.
Whoa! I like reunions.
See Dad... we can all have some.

Hmmm... where'd did all these bows come from? Where do they go?
That's where they go. (my mom made all the dresses/Jeanette made all the bows)

The party house in Park City. Very nice joint.


The Bizzys! said...

I LOOOOVE Park City. Such a perfect place for a family reunion. It looks like your girls had a blast from the pictures. I love the picture with all the girls in matching dresses... darling! You look fantastic too! I'm so proud of you, your amazing!

Susie Q said...

Look at all of those girls! It looks like one of our family reunions. It was such a TREAT to run into you guys in Park City. What are the odds? I love that pict or Mark and Mike. Your camera angle looking up and up and up and up. ha ha It's so great to see how your girls are growing. They are absolutely gorgeous! Mark better load that shotgun right now! =) Great job on your blog. It's fun to be updated with your life!

miyacamille said...

SOOOO COOOOL! i love that temple! I wanna go there some day! And that red and black and white picture is waaay cool! :D

That looks like it was so much fun! I love family reunions.

Oh by the way i put my blog on private...so hopefully i can get your email address some time and add you :D

Macy said...

Well written article.