Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter weekend . . . .

Saturday March 22, 2008
What a fun sugar-filled weekend we had. I should say the kids and Marc had the sugar I did not {I'm going on 8 weeks without the "white poison" now and I feel AMAZING!!} We went to 2 Easter egg hunts. The first one was with my nephews pre-school. His teacher {Mrs. Burrell} goes all out each year at these things. Tons of fun games, songs, crafts,prizes, egg hunt and everyone is invited. I think it was are 3rd or 4th year going. My kids love it. Each family brings a dozen eggs filled with candy and at the end we leave the eggs for the next year. I think she has over a thousand eggs. {10:00 -12:00}
How will the kids ever find these eggs?


Easton- he would have put more sprinkles on his cookie if I hadn't stopped him.

Chloe and Easton - RULE #1 No licking the frosting stick!!

Lucy Jane

Peterson Family
Easter egg hunt/dinner

My brother Richard and Luke

My sister Natalie and her husband Bryan

Easter Sunday
Chloe and Emily

We love our Nana. Thanks for making their dresses.

Chloe loves Nana's yummy sugar cookies.

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brooke martin said...

Aaaaahhhhh these pictures are sooo cute! You got some great shots. I can't believed I missed your girls in those cute flower dresses on Easter Sunday. Boy did i miss out. They look beautiful. I'm glad you had a fun Easter with family. There's nothing more fun than to be with the fam!!