Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun day for two "3" year olds . . . .

When you start the day with matching D-Back shirts . . . .

that means it can only get better !!!!!

Give me a "N"

Give me an "A"

Give us another "N"

Give us another "A"

Yahoo. . "our NANA" gets to come too!!!!!

{Gwen, Nana and Chloe}

Guess what flavor ICEE they had?

{Chloe and Gwen are giving you a hint}

Just in case the Icee wasn't enough sugar, how about some cotton candy . . .

Burning off some of that "extra energy" on the slides

NO WAY . . . . you can get your face painted here too!!!!!!!

{with sparkles}

Thank you to our daddy's and Nana for the fun day. One question . . "Who are the D-Backs?"


emilyw said...

I love your posts! And I love seeing pictures of your family that I am now getting to know after 14 years!!! You're an awesome mom!

The Coffey Grounds said...

What darling girls, including your Mom. You are so blessed Girlfriend.

brooke martin said...

What a fun FUN activity for you guys!!! TOO CUTE JEANETTE. Your girls are such dolls.

Shelley Goodman said...

Hey, you have a blog. How did I not know about this?! And how do you know the coffeys?!

SHERIDAN! said...

sista jackson!!! i didnt know you had a blog!!!! cool!
my blog is