Wednesday, April 9, 2008

FHE at the park . . . .

The first Monday of the month we have FHE with all {who ever can come/most/some} of the Peterson family. My sister, Lachelle, and I were in charge of it this month. We had it at Countryside Park and the weather could not have been more perfect. We played the spelling game. There were 2 teams and each person had a letter on the front of them and on the back. We had them spell the last names of the General Authorities and whoever did it first won that round.

Can you guess who they are spelling?




President {Monson}


WRONG!! {Eyring}



It was harder then it looks because half the time the kids with the letters you needed where over playing in the sand or on the swings. Thanks everyone for being good sports!! If you weren't there we missed you. See you all next month.

Grandma Peterson & Mark Hull
Ginger, Amy, Stacie and Christy


Natalie & Bryan
{the cutest couple ever!!!!}


Wilson Family said...

Hey Jay!
You guys are so cute! I love it. I don't know why but we always seem to forget about FHE. We really need to do better with that! Congrats with all the weight loss!!! You look so GOOD! I'm sorry we couldn't watch your girls this weekend. Please call again. I would love to have them over! I just love your girls! Thanks for always being to kind to me and making me feel welcome to the wilson family. I just love you guys!!

John and Marium said...

Hi Jeanette,
Wow looks like a fun time and a fun FHE. I haven't seen the Peterson side or much of anyone since we moved away. It's been a while and I really miss everyone. What a cute family, hope to see everyone soon at the reunion. Love blog land it helps keep everyone in touch.